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 As easy as 1, 2, 3!  We believe in understanding Heath at the Root level.  Millions of people all over the world are turning inward for health answers and the way our blood looks can help us understand many things about our health.  We do this through a specialized and unique concept called Health Scope.   Here is one example: The amount of oxygen our bodies are able to utilize and fuel our body-cells with each day.  Oxygen is so important to the bodies cells for so many reasons, that we can only live a couple of minutes without it.  Many factors can determine the amount of oxygen our bodies are fueling our body cells with, but two major ones, and very common, are having too many Target Cells in the body and elevated amounts of Erythrocyte Aggregation (Blood Sludge).  This hinders our bodies ability to absorb oxygen into our body cells leading to common symptoms of fatigue and lack of energy, low performance, head aches, sickness, and elevated cancer risk to our bodies environment to name a few.  Our "I See Health Solution" simply helps us understand, educate, and "See" what types of conditions our blood is in.  By knowing this, we can make better informed decisions on vital nutrients our bodies may be missing, and if the current supplements or nutrients that one is consuming is being absorbed and utilized effectively into the body.  Sometimes "Seeing is Believing" and we Love Believing!  Why?  Because Believing leads to inspired empowerment to take action on building solutions that really work... on solutions you can feel... on solutions you can see.

In any capacity, with any health goal, whether an Olympic Athlete or just wanting to feel better, increase your energy, and lose weight, the I See Health Solution provides the best education for you to make better informed decisions on your health and helps lay the foundation for optimal and peak performance!  I See Health Solutions provides Health Scope Evaluations to help you better understand health at a Root Level, at the cellular level.   Just one more resource I See Health Solutions Provides in helping our customers See Solutions to their health.

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                             Actual Client Blood Before I See Health Solutions Program                                                Actual Client Blood 90 days after I See Health Solutions Program
                                             Health Microscopy Video Imaging (HMVI)                                                                            Health Microscopy Video Imaging (HMVI)


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Can you SEE the difference?  The first image is that of healthy oxygen rich blood and the other 3 pictures (very common) is blood missing many vital nutrients laying the foundation for poor health.


Common Blood Conditions that may tell a powerful story about ones Health and ones restricted ability to accomplish their Health Goals at a much lower capacity, (i.e losing weight, increasing muscle mass and endurance, increased energy and focus, reducing inflammation, quicker workout recovery, simply felling better...much better) could include: