January 21, 2015

MedFit 120  |  Combining Health & Fitness with Cutting Edge Technology!


What happens inside your body affects everything.

That’s why we’re passionate about helping people to fuel their bodies and minds in the best way for THEM, so that they can enjoy healthier, happier lives.

We do that by empowering people to understand how their bodies function on a cellular level so that they get to experience powerful results and real, lasting change. Our unique Health Scope Evaluations use cutting-edge technology to help people make more informed decisions about their health, so that they can look better, feel better and perform better.

Dedicated to serving communities, families and individuals who want to experience what real health feels like, Cell Well 120 brings together the products, knowledge, experience, passion and training of thousands of healthcare professionals from around the world to help you see what’s possible.

No matter whether you’re training for the Olympics or walking your first mile, want to gain a competitive edge or lose 30 pounds, your health is our life's work.

Learn why millions of people are turning inward for answers about their health.


Carl's feeling much better and focusing his Health on every level for optimal results!

Carl currently trains at Underground Fitness in Chandler Arizona and works with Health and Fitness Expert Michael Sheffield.  Carl has had amazing results building his health and fitness, getting premier training with premier fitness trainers, but he also focuses on ensuring his cellular health is laying the right foundation.  Health Scope helped Carl and his trainer identify some key issues that has now helped him jump his health and fitness to the next level!  Great Job to Carl, Michael Sheffield, Underground Fitness and Health Scope of I See Health Solutions, to partner together to help clients such as Carl get amazing results to health you can feel and see!  Literally!